Book Review: The Sad Demise of Manpreet Singh

It was late - too late to call - but Dom knew what he had to do.
Dominic 'Biscuit' McLeod is an expert in making the best of a bad situation. As a visa fraud investigator at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi. Biscuit is legendary for his prowess in drinking beer, playing cricket, and swearing like a Dilliwalah, until the tragic death of a junior colleague forces him to become something else - a conspiracy theorist who can't let go. Armed with only a hangover, a loathing for authority, and an inability to believe the lies that he is being told, Biscuit stumbles from crisis to catastrophe in a shambolic search for the truth. From the villages of Punjab to the cricket fields of Delhi, and the walled compounds of Gurgaon and Chanakyapuri, with dodgy visa agents, crooked cops, Aussie journalists, Afghani pimps and American spies for company, it looks like Biscuit will never solve the case, or leave the party early.

With an ambitious plot and an easy narrative style, The Sad Demise of Manpreet Singh is a novel about the things people will do to leave the places they don't want to be - and the lengths others will go to try and stop them. With fast and gripping story line, and well developed characters - the book is interesting and will definitely appeal to readers of the genre.

Book Information
Author:Patrick Bryson
Publisher:Hachette India
Year of Publication:2014
Number of Pages:Approx 320 with cover

Book Review: The Sad Demise of Manpreet Singh

Good Read. I had received the review copy from Hachette India. Thank you Hachette India for giving me this opportunity. You can buy this book at Flipkart in case you live in India.

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