Book Review: The Edge of Power

The other key player in Ravi's master plan was the liquor baron, Vicky Bhalla.
The heinous rape of Nirbhaya has jolted the Indian nation out of its apathy. But rape and violence against women are only symptomatic of a deeper malaise that ails the nation - the total collapse of governance under the weak and vacillating prime minister, Devender Singh, and his Indian Democratic Party. Ironically, aiding the ruling party to cling to power is a casual and largely indifferent Opposition, led by the venal Ravi Nehra. So when activist Daivik Verma and the Bollywood's leading lady Catherine Khan decide to challenge the existing system by floating a new political party, it is seen as a ray of hope. But lack of funds and cadre-support thwart their efforts; their only recourse now is to approach the enigmatic and reclusive Shruti Ranjan, who had sworn off politics three years ago. Will Nirbhaya's gruesome rape and subsequent death bring a disillusioned Shruti Ranjan back into the political fray? Will the land of great leaders like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka and Akbar finally get the dynamic prime minister she so badly needs?

In an attempt to unfold the country's current political vices and dilemma, the author includes everything in this political fiction - corruption, defamation, money laundering that haunts the nation. Characters are full and round but the close similarity between the fictional characters and real life personalities are so evident that the book tends to sound more as a political documentary. Fast and easy read with typical Bollywood flavor the book is readable though.

Book Information
Author:Tuhin A. Sinha
Publisher:Hachette India
Year of Publication:2013
Number of Pages:Approx 310 with cover

Book Review: The Edge of Power

Fast and easy read. I had received the review copy from Hachette India. Thank you Hachette India for giving me this opportunity. You can buy this book at Flipkart in case you live in India.

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