Book Review: Empire of the Moghul - Raiders from the North

Each night when, exhausted from long hours in the saddle, they made camp, Babur found it hard to sleep.
The first book in the gripping and brilliant Empire of the Moghul series; chronicling the rise and fall of the Moghul rulers of India, beginning with Babur who swept in from Central Asia to found one of the most powerful dynasties in history.

1494, and the new ruler of Ferghana, twelve year old Babur, faces a seemingly impossible challenge. Babur is determined to equal his great ancestor, Tamburlaine, whose conquests stretched from Delhi to the Mediterranean, from wealthy Persia to the wild Volga. But he is dangerously young to inherit a crown and treasonous plots, tribal rivalries, rampaging armies and ruthlessly ambitious enemies will threaten his destiny, his kingdom, even his survival.

In this first book of the Empire of the Moghul series, the author sets the expectation from the series. The story is centered on Babur - the founder of the Moghul dynasty. Solid and fully etched out characters from the pages of history, fascinating and gripping narrative style that keeps the reader glued to the book, brilliant portrayal of setting and action characterizes this book. If you are a fan of historical fiction, this is one of the definite picks.

 Book Information
Author:Alex Rutherford
Publisher:Headline Review
Date of Publication:2009
Number of Pages:Approx 500 with cover

Book Review: Empire of the Moghul - Raiders from the North

Raiders from the North is a page turner. I had received the copy from MySmartPrice. Thank you MySmartPrice for giving me this opportunity. You can buy this book at  flipkart in case you live in India.

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